Classes held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Each class begins at 6:00 PM and ends at 8:00 PM and takes place at 3030 L Street in Eureka. The class fee is $30.00 per student. Payment is required at time of signing up for a class. You may sign up by visiting us at Humboldt Fire District Head quarters located at 3455 Harris St. Eureka, CA 95503

The class covers adult, child, and infant CPR only. The class is not intended for health care professionals. First time students and students seeking recertification are welcome to attend.

HFD does offer classes for health care professionals on an as needed basis. Students needing more information may phone HFD for more information.

Schedule for 2012:
Instructor subject to change

January 17 Stefan Rheinschmidt
February 21 Bret Banducci
March 20 John Goodman
April 17 Bret Banducci
May 15 Stefan Rheinschmidt
June 19 John Goodman
July 17 Michael Landry
August 21 Andrew Hawkins
September 18 Kris Kalman
October 16 Michael Landry
November 20 Andrew Hawkins
December 18 Kris Kalman


HFD has six certified CPR instructors on staff:

Stefan Rheinschmidt- CPR Program Coordinator / Instructor (707) 445-4900
Chris Kemp- CPR Instructor
Bret Banducci- CPR Instructor
Michael Landry- CPR Instructor
Andrew Hawkins- CPR Instructor
Johnathon Goodman- CPR Instructor

Humboldt No.1 Fire Protection District
3455 Harris St.
Eureka, CA 95503
Phone (707)445-4900